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Vibra-Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg  

Doxycycline Hydrochloride

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Product description about Doxicip100 mg Capsules

Doxicip100 mg Capsules belongs to the antibiotic that is used to cure and prevent bacterial infections in the body. It heals infections of eyes, respiratory and urinary tract and even acne. Other bacterial infections for which this medication is prescribed include malaria, ticks fever, ophthalmic infection, pneumonia, gonococci infections and amoebic dysentery. They only treat the infection caused by the bacteria; it does not heal viral infection such as cold and cough.

Working action of Doxicip100 mg Capsules

Generic Doxycycline hydrochloride is a main active constituent of Doxicip 100mg Capsules fit into the kind of tetracyclines antibiotics, which are approved for acne, blemishes, gonorrhea, bumps, and periodontitis. Doxycycline, which is lipophilic and can get ahead of through the lipid bilayer of bacteria. This medicine works by hampering and controlling the process of cellular protein-making in the bacteria. It takes down the fatty acid concentration and because of this, the growth of bacteria stops. In short, it troubles the bacteria and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

How to consume Doxicip100 mg Capsules?

Doxicip is accessible in capsule form in the strength of 100mg. For severe contagion, the suggested dosage is of 100mg once a day. For acne, one needs to acquire 50mg once a day. The doctor would make a decision on both dosage and length of classes looking at the type of infection and the height of treatment required.

  • For Gonococcal Infection, 100 mg orally twice a day for 7 days.
  • For Lyme disease - Erythema Chromium Migrants, 100 mg orally every 12 hours for 10 to 21 days.
  • Child: The suggested dosage is two mglb of body weight alienated into two doses. It comes as a capsule and suspension to obtain by mouth, with food.

Side effects of using Doxicip100 mg Capsules

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Sensitivity to skin
  • Hives

Contraindication of Doxicip100 mg Capsules

  • Avoid ingestion of this medicine in case of oversensitive reaction to active component Doxycycline.
  • You should stay away from the use of this medication if you are anguish from any cardiac issues, liver or kidney damage issues, and other major depressive disorder.
  • Individuals using chemotherapeutic medications should keep away from the ingestion of this medication.
  • Patients with blood-related disorder should check with the physician before using this medication

Drug interaction of Doxicip100 mg Capsules

Penicillin, Isotretinoin, Warfarin, Antacids that hold aluminum, calcium, magnesium, bismuth subsalicylate, and iron-containing preparations, Seizure medications such as barbiturates, and phenytoin are some drug if individual ingest it with Doxicip may hinder the drug working.

Things to be taken care of while using Doxicip100 mg Capsules

Stay away from exposure to the sun when taking this medicine as it could direct to sunburn, try to use sunscreen daily. Do not acquire this medicine if trying to conceive, pregnant or lactating without discussing with your doctor. If using birth control pills that enclose estrogen, ask your medical doctor about the substitute birth control methods as these may bring down the absorption rate of Doxicip.

Additional Information

SKU Doxicip 100-Doxycycline 100mg
US Brand Name Vibramycin 100mg
Strength 100 mg
Generic Name Doxycycline Hydrochloride
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical Form Capsules
Shipped From India

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