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Buy Tadalafil Black 80mg Tablets - Generic Tadalafil  


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Quick overview about Tadalafil black 80 mg Tablets

Tadalafil black 80 mg Tablet is remarkable meditation for those men who are going through the condition of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a happening in which a man patient is incompetent of sustaining a penile erection during the physical intercourse. The main rationale of this disorder is depressed blood stream in the penile. Generic Tadalafil is a main active module of the medication that helps to attain a hard erection.

Working action of Tadalafil black 80 mg Tablets

The active module of this medication classified under the category of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor drug. It hampers the release of PDE-5 increase of the cyclic guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) and nitric oxide (NO) which is liable for amplified blood stream in the penile by relaxation of the smooth blood vessel, the respond in increasing the sexual activity. This medicine also acts as a muscle relaxer on an erectile tissue of the penile and enhances the blood stream in a penile, result in giving longer time for pleasing moments.

Dosage regimen of Tadalafil black 80 mg Tablets

The best recommended dose of Tadalafil black is 80 mg. The men should have to consume the dose of 80 mg half an hour prior to plan intercourse, orally with an enormous amount of water. The best to take medication on empty stomach as high fatty food slow down the drug absorption into the body. The drug starts showing its action within 15 minutes and lasts longer for 36 hours, so you have to take one dose within three days.

Side effects of Tadalafil black 80 mg Tablets

This medicine some side effects like as of gastric irritation, several headaches, Dyspepsia, visualization, sickness, wooziness, Flushing, Infection of Urinary tract, Abnormal pain, breathing problem, irregular heartbeat, back pain.

Warning and precautions should be followed while using Tadalafil black 80 mg Tablets

  • The use of tadalafil is unsafe if the patient is suffering from sensitivity issue of Sildenafil citrate.
  • Men should have to avoid the intake of alcohol, high fatty food and grapefruit juices while relying on treatment with tadalafil black.
  • Do not ingest Tadalafil for ED if you are taking nitrate derivative for the cardiovascular disorder.
  • You may feel sleepy after taking Sildenafil so avoid driving after taking medication.

Additional Information

SKU Tadalafil Black 80mg
US Brand Name Tadalafil Black
Strength 80 mg
Generic Name Tadalafil
Manufacturer Eli lilly
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s
Shipped From India

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