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Buy Roghan Badam Shirin 100 ml (Almond Oil)  


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Brief description of Roghan Badam Shirin 100ml

Roghan Badam Shirin 100ml is extracted from almonds. Badam Rogan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium. Vitamin E present in the oil acts as anti-oxidants and helps in blood circulation. It is light-weight golden yellow edible oil used for the treatment of skin problems. It can be applied topically for lightening the dark circles and stretch marks. Intake of this oil helps improving the health. Various benefits of using Badam Rogan oil includes-

  • Helps in hair growth and reduces hair fall
  • Keeps skin healthy and young
  • Provides relief from headache and migraine pain
  • Removes dandruff and cures scalp dryness
  • Have laxative effects and provides relief from constipation
  • Lightens dark circles beneath eyes
  • Improves memory, health and skin conditions
  • Nourishes, revitalizes, protects, soothes and lubricates the skin
  • Can be used externally to reduce minor cuts and injuries
  • Strengthens brain and nerves
  • Almond oil contains monounsaturated fat and Vitamin E, it can be used as a salad dressings
  • The emollient property of almond oil boosts nail growth and strengthens them

How to use Roghan Badam Shirin 100ml?

Badam Rogan Oil is available as 100ml bottle. Apply a small amount of the oil for various purposes. In case of nose and ears, instill 2-3 drops properly. In case it is to be intaken, take 5-10 ml of the oil alongwith 250ml of milk.

Precautions should be adopted while using Roghan Badam Shirin 100ml

There are no side effects, contraindications and drug-interactions yet reported while consuming Badam Rogan Oil. 

Additional Information

SKU Roghan Badam Shirin 100 ml (Almond Oil)
US Brand Name Badam Oil 100ml
Strength 100 ml
Generic Name Almond
Manufacturer Hamdard
Pharmaceutical Form Bottle/s
Shipped From India

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