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PGCL 500mcg Inj  

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PGCL 500mcg Inj (10 VialsX 2ml)  1 Pack  365.00  US$365.00
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Product description of PGCL 500mcg Injection

PGCL 500mcg Injection is also known as Cloprostenol Sodium, an analogue of Prostaglandin Factor 2-Alpha (PGF2-A). It promises to incinerate fat faster than any other steroids. It also promises to cause greater site-specific growth than any other steroids. Vascularity is markedly improved within few days of the use of PGCL 500mcg. Alongside the reducing of weight, PGCL users will normally report improved muscle mass at the sites they inject. It is also helpful in reducing water retention in the body than diuretics, and even gets rid of gynecomastia without the need for surgery.

Dosing schedule of PGCL 500mcg Injection

PGCL 500mcg is commercially available in injection dosage form. A user should inject a dose of 200mcg of PGCL through intramuscular route three times daily for a total of 120mcg per day. A user should split a single dose of PGCL that is 20mcg on the left and 20mcg on the right of the selected body part. It also down regulates so you need to run 1-2 weeks on/off.

Contraindication of PGCL 500mcg Injection

The use of PGCL 500mcg is strictly prohibited in certain medical cases such as pregnancy, breastfeeding condition, allergic reactions with PGCL 500mcg or its other components.

Side effects of PGCL 500mcg Injection

The use of PGCL 500mcg may cause some side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, inflammation or pain at the site of injection, nausea, headache, flu-like symptoms, breathing difficulty, and enhanced bowel movement.

Safety guidelines should be followed while using PGCL 500mcg Injection

Women of childbearing age, asthmatics, and persons with bronchial and other respiratory disorders should handle PGCL 500mcg with extreme cautions. Always use a sterile needle or injection to administer this medicine. Accidental spillage PGCL 500mcg on the skin while using it should be washed off instantly with soap and water.

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SKU PGCL 500mcg Inj
US Brand Name No
Strength 3.7 ml
Generic Name No
Manufacturer No
Pharmaceutical Form No
Shipped From India

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