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IGTROPIN 100mcg  

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Brief description about Igtropin 100mcg Injection

Igtropin 100mcg Injection brand medication is accessible under brand name as Igtropin IGF-1 LR3. It is similar to insulin in an activity that is essential for children growth and continues in adult age for anabolic effects. As it resembles to the insulin in structure so it is also called as insulin like growth factor-1.

Action mechanism of Igtropin 100mcg Injection

Igtropin consists of long -RE IFG 1 as an active ingredient, Igtropin IGF-1 is a peptide approximately the same constitution and size as insulin, or about 70 amino acids long. It belongs to the peptide class of substances recognized as growth factors. IGF-1 builds innovative muscle tissue by upholding nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. This causes the enlargement of muscles through both hyperplasia and mitogenesis.

Dosage regimen of Igtropin 100mcg Injection

The best recommended dose of Igtropin is 100mg/vial as they are available in injectable form and needs to be injected via the intramuscular route. The usual adult dose of Igtropin is 10-20 mcg per day to 120 mcg day by day. 6 mg will give you a 50 cycle and 100 mcg per day. You have to inject the medication by subcutaneous route two times in a day. The most probably inject one at morning time and other after muscle building activity. Never exceed dose 120 mcg/day.

Side effects of Igtropin 100mcg Injection

Headaches, vomiting, less blood sugar level, weight loss, hair fall are some common side effects that take place with the use of Igtropin.

Some Do's and Don'ts while using Igtropin 100mcg Injection

  • Do not go for Igtropin if you are allergic to IGF-1 or any other component of the drug.
  • The pregnant and breastfeeding mother should have to avoid the use of Igtropin for growth hormone.
  • Avoid ingestion of high fatty food while taking Igtropin.
  • Discuss with your doctor if have a medical history of brain disorder and thyroid difficulties.
  • You have to avoid the ingestion of alcohol while relying on therapy with Igtropin.
  • Always use a sterile needle to inject the medication.
  • Go for blood checkup and hormone level on regular basis.

Additional Information

US Brand Name No
Strength 3.7 ml
Generic Name No
Manufacturer No
Pharmaceutical Form No
Shipped From India

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