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Brief About Aloe Vera Protective Cream SPF 30

Aloevera protective cream with SPF 30 is the popular medication in the market to protect skin and face from direct sunlight and to keep skin moisturize even in sun light. Protection Cream SPF 30 is an ultra-soothing, anti-wrinkle sun cream for the face and susceptible skin areas. Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filter give you the 30-times-natural-protection in the sun. Deepen with pure Aloe Vera and other moisturizing and brighten up botanicals to safeguard skin fairness, softness and steadfastness. Motorized by special aloevera Complex for the most refreshing, nourishing and strengthening skin effects.

Aloevera protective is a new influence source for intercellular communication. The result of sophisticated skin research, it is an accurate blend of 100% natural botanicals and biologically advanced components necessary to healthy skin life. It show its working by Helping  stimulate cell renewal and lift up hydration and nutrition levels from within, producing a young-looking environment for stronger, more supple skin to rise up to the surface each day.

Active ingredients of Aloe Vera Protective Cream SPF 30

  • Ghritkumari (Aloevera barbadensis)
  • Chandan (Santalum album)
  • Kusumbhi (Cartamus tinctorius)
  • Surajmukhi (Helianthus annuus)
  • Yasad (Zincum)
  • Cream base Q.S.

Aloe Vera has been called the "soothing desert lily,” worn for thousands of years as an elixir of formative years. It is a natural moisturizer with anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative benefits. As expected guards skin cells from ecological damage.

How to apply the Aloe Vera Protective Cream SPF 30

Before applying the cream wash out your skin and face properly with water. After that apply the cream on the face and all over the skin gently, and you need to have applied this medication before going into direct sun exposure. You can also use this medication before going for swimming or perspiring activities. You can reapply the medication, if you again need it after sun exposure. It may assist to lessen the risk of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun.

Conflicting factors of Aloe Vera Protective Cream SPF 30

  • You have to evade the use of aloevera protective cream if you find yourself allergic to the aloe vera.
  • Aloe vera gel may give rise to skin rashes if you are allergic to onion, garlic or tulip.
  • Confer with your doctor first in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding condition.
  • As it contains aloevera gel as the main ingredient, which is a natural product so no chances of side effects were, occur.

Preventive measures that need to be taken while using Aloe Vera Protective Cream SPF 30

  • If you are going to use a protective cream that bears in mind not to apply any moisturizer on the skin before using this cream.
  • Remove out the entire make you have applied on the face.
  • Protect your skin from dust and pollution, so it is advisable to cover your face before you leave your home or workplace.
  • You do not have to apply this cream on affected part, or on any cut and broken skin.

Additional Information

SKU Aloevera Protective Cream SPF (100 ml)
US Brand Name Aloevera Protective Cream SPF 100ml
Strength 100 ml
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer BIOTIQUE
Pharmaceutical Form Bottle/s
Shipped From India

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